Teaching Kids About Mosquito Control in Massachusetts

Let’s face it; there’s nothing fun about mosquito control in Massachusetts. However, there are fun ways to teach the little ones about mosquitos and the importance of protecting yourself against their bites. Kids are sponges, so trivia games are some of the best ways to place knowledge in those little brains. In this article, we’re presenting you with a few facts about mosquitos that are sure to catch the attention of your little ones.


mosquito control Massachusetts

Only female mosquitos bite

It’s true, not all mosquitos bite. Females are the only real pesky pests in the species.


A bite is not really a bite

Even though we’re accustomed to saying, “I got bit by a mosquito,” mosquitos don’t really bite! In actuality, when a mosquito lands on us, they’re feeding off of our blood.  Gross, we agree. The protein in the blood of a mammal, along with some plant nectars, allows the female mosquito to reproduce.



Mosquitos are the world’s deadliest insect

When we think of deadly predators, sharks and pythons probably make the list.  However, because of the diseases that mosquitos can carry and transmit, they top the list. Mosquitos are known transmitters of diseases such as EEE, West Nile, Malaria, and even heartworm to your family pets.


MA Mosquito Control

In a race, mosquitos would lose

What’s more fun than winning a race amongst friends? Nothing.  Well, if the mosquitos were to line up with other flying insects like flies and bees, they’d lose the race! Mosquitos are among some of the slowest flying insects in the world.



There could still be dinosaurs on the Earth

If you’ve ever seen Jurassic Park, you may remember the scientists using fossilized mosquitos to create dinosaurs for the park.  Well, this is not far off from the truth – mosquitos roamed the Earth with dinosaurs! I don’t know that we could call them dinos, but there is evidence that mosquitos were alive during the Triassic Period.


mosquito control in ma


A mosquito isn’t a one size fits all term

Well, sure it’s a mosquito, but there are over 170 different species of mosquitos in North America! Think about it like going to the pet store to pick out a fish.  Sure, they’re all fish, but they’re different.  Different sizes, different habitats, and different requirements for survival separate the species from each other.  Mosquitos work similarly!


Mosquitos like dark colors

One way to protect yourself from mosquitos while outside is by wearing lighter colored clothing.  Not only will these colors keep you cooler during the summer, but they will help keep the mosquitos away!



Any season is a good season

Even though we think of mosquitos as a summer pest, they’re around more often than that! Winter is the only season in New England that you don’t have to worry about Massachusetts mosquito control.


ma mosquito control



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