Mosquito Control in Massachusetts is Imperative in 2020

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With two cases of EEE detected earlier than usual this summer season, officials are warning that mosquito control in Massachusetts is crucial in 2020.



The symptoms of EEE

Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus is contracted in humans through a mosquito bite. The virus results in two types of illness, systemic and encephalitic. Both of which come on abruptly and with a vengeance.

Systemic EEE symptoms may include chills, high fever, joint and muscle pains, and a sudden overall feeling of being unwell. On the other hand, encephalitic EEE symptoms are generally more severe. These symptoms include high fever, headache, restlessness, convulsions, coma, and other symptoms caused by brain swell. In adults, encephalitic EEE may manifest in the body after experiencing systemic symptoms for several days.



The mosquito species

What many people don’t realize is that there are over 3,000 different species of mosquitos worldwide. Of that number, 150 species have been found throughout North America, 51 in Massachusetts alone.

While not all of these species feed on humans, the ones who don’t prefer animals. Thus, transmittal of disease between animals to humans becomes a concern with a mosquito bite. In fact, a study conducted by National Geographic reported that mosquitos transmit more diseases than any other creature. From EEE to malaria, encephalitis to West Nile virus, the list is extensive and one to avoid.


MA Mosquito Control

Why 2020 is different

Beyond the obvious answer, 2020 has presented the world with an unprecedented pandemic. Because the transmission of COVID-19 is higher indoors, many people are heading outside. However, with a larger number of groups outdoors, mosquito season seems to have come earlier than ever before.

In recent weeks, both New Hampshire and Massachusetts have reported their first confirmed cases of EEE. While the risk is considered moderate at this point, the early timing is causing alarm for many officials. The need for preventative measures and mosquito control in Massachusetts has never been greater.



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