Mosquito Facts from Massachusetts Mosquito Control Experts

Here at AllGreen Lawncare, we want to help protect you and your family with quality Massachusetts mosquito control. AllGreen has effective mosquito control programs that will keep your yard mosquito-free. Here are a few key facts about mosquitos that will help you be more knowledgeable and prepared.

Condition Pending Lifespan

Generally, the lifespan of your average mosquito is actually quite short. Female mosquitoes live about two weeks while male mosquitoes only live a week. However, during the right conditions, some mosquitoes can live up to 8 weeks. Specifically humid warm climates. Therefore New England summers can allow for lengthened lifespans, especially when the temperatures rise and rain falls often.

Common Breeding Areas

Mosquitoes often seek damp shaded areas, so that they can escape the heat of the sun. Females lay their eggs in specifically stagnant water, such as planters, small puddles, or trash cans. Therefore, make sure to try and eliminate water buildup in places such as these to minimize breeding.

Recommended Preventative Measures

Aside from eliminating stagnant water buildup, there are still numerous steps you can take to cut down on your risk for mosquito bites. The most active time of the day for mosquitoes is from dawn until dusk in the summers. So if you are planning to spend time outdoors after dark, make sure to be extra careful by wearing mosquito repellent as well as dressing in clothes that cover your skin.

Mosquito Control in Massachusetts with AllGreen

Being well informed about mosquitos from their most active daily hours to their breeding areas will help to minimize your risk. However, that only minimizes the number of buzzing pests. At AllGreen Lawncare, we make it our mission to eliminate mosquitoes from your yard so that you are able to enjoy your backyard stress-free. Our programs for Massachusetts mosquito control are the perfect solution for keeping your family safe during mosquito season.

To find more information about AllGreen’s mosquito control programs, please contact us. AllGreen looks forward to eliminating those pesky mosquitoes from your yard.

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