Mosquito News You Won’t Believe

Mosquitoes suck, literally. If you have found the need to look into mosquito control in Massachusetts, or anywhere else, you have probably asked yourself the following:

Can We Live Without Mosquitoes?

Are they useful for anything? We have learned more and more about how different species rely on other species for survival, so maybe they have a purpose. Right?

Eliminating or adding an element from an ecosystem without carefully studying the adverse effects can be devastating. We recently posted an article on Japanese Beetles, an invasive species from Japan whose destructive tendencies illustrate this point perfectly. So there is a chance that the answer could be no. 

It could very well be true that we cannot live without mosquitoes.

“But it would be so nice if they just went extinct,” you think to yourself as you slap absentmindedly at them during the neighborhood barbeque.  mosquito control massachussetts


What if Mosquitoes Went Extinct?

Mosquitoes have been around for a long time, and they definitely hold a place in the ecosystem. Both the larvae and the flying insects themselves are a significant food source for many creatures. If there were no mosquitoes, these animals would have to find a new source of food. If mosquitoes all disappeared overnight, many of those creatures that depend on them would suffer.

But, if you hate mosquitoes, we have some good news for you today!

Scientists have been studying the adverse effects of mosquito extinction and a way to eliminate the pests for a long time. This question hasn’t just occurred those of us living everyday lives at our everyday backyard barbeques.

There are currently several methods that scientists have proposed for mosquito eradication in the scientific community. One of the most promising solutions presently out there would involve changing the genetic code of mosquitoes, so they produce less female offspring. This solution would allow colonies to get smaller at a slow rate, which could potentially give the creatures who depend on them time to adapt.

What do you think? Do you imagine a world without mosquitoes someday, or do you think we should just let them be? Let us know in the comments!

In the meantime, mosquito control in Massachusetts still needs to be handled by professionals like the team at AllGreen Lawn and Tree Care. If you’re ready to have mosquitoes stop bugging you this summer, give us a call at our West Roxbury, MA location at 617-327-5555 or our Norwood office at 781-762-7080. Or visit our website for more information!