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Lathering up in mosquito repellent is a daily occurrence this time of year. With Mosquitos out and about more than ever it’s important to keep those pests away. Here at AllGreen Lawncare, our quality Massachusetts mosquito control programs can help you eliminate mosquitos. Our program options keep your yard mosquito-free so that you don’t have to worry.


Catnip Oil

Most commonly known for its effect on cats, Catnip Oil can actually be an effective mosquito repellent as well! In fact, recent studies have shown that catnip can be up to ten times more potent than the standard mosquito repellent. There are two main ways to use catnip as a repellent. Option 1: Take a sprig of the plant and crush it in your hand. Once the oils are released, place the catnip in a pocket or around the neckline of your clothes. So that it can continue giving off its scent. Option 2: Use catnip oil and apply it to your neck, wrists, and ankles allowing its scent to act as a repellent. 


Lemongrass Oil

Comparable to most commercial repellents, Lemongrass oil is a great mosquito repellent option. Lemongrass oil is found in Citronella candles which are a popular non-topical form of mosquito repellent. Essential oil repellents, like this one, can be combined with other essential oils to maximize their repellent effectiveness. 


IR 3535 Cream

Available in most drugstores in the form of cream, IR3535 is a synthetic amino acid that is in most insect repellents. This particular amino acid compromises the mosquito’s senses so that they are unable to smell. This form of mosquito repellent is non-toxic and provides up to eight hours for protection from mosquitoes as well as other insects. 


Mosquito Control in Massachusetts with AllGreen

These natural mosquito repellent options offer great alternatives to general mosquito pray. However, repellents, both natural and general, are only a temporary fix. At AllGreen Lawncare, we make it our mission to eliminate mosquitoes from your yard so that you can enjoy your backyard stress-free. Our programs for Massachusetts mosquito control provide a solution for keeping you and your family safe during mosquito season this year. 


To find more information about AllGreen’s mosquito control programs, please contact us. AllGreen looks forward to eliminating those pesky mosquitoes from your yard.


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