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At AllGreen Lawn Care, we’re specialists in everything lawn. From organic lawn care programs to tick and mosquito pest control programs, we have your outdoor living covered. However, what many don’t consider as a problem, but instead welcome, is the presence of deer in their yards. Although we love wildlife as much as the next person, having deer in your yard poses many risks. In this article, we’re looking at a few of those risks and how you can manage them without bringing harm.


Why deer fall into pest control services

We agree they’re cute! But, deer belong in the woods and other locations other than your yard. Below is a brief overview of why these furry four-legged creatures need to be kept at bay:

  • Deer are carriers of ticks, which increase your family’s chance of obtaining diseases like Lyme.
  • They’ll destroy your landscaping. From trampling your plants and bushes to grazing on your beautiful lawn, deer will not do your landscaping any favors.
  • Spreading weeds is what they do best. From their hooves to their mouths, deer will help pick up and drop seeds to encourage weed growth.
  • Deer may also increase soil erosion within your yard.


Remove incentives for them to visit

One of the easiest ways to discourage deer from paying a visit is to remove anything that appeals to them. Just like any other mammal, deer get hungry. If you’re a gardener, there are several reasons deer want to come visit. From edible flowers to vegetables, berries to specific species of trees and shrubs, the best way to deter these creatures is by creating a barrier around your garden.


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Install ways to spook deer

With the installation of an irrigation system or automatic lighting, you can create enough disturbance to keep deer out of your yard. Not only will these methods keep deer away, but they can also help with other pest control. Raccoons, possums, and even burglars will all steer clear of the sprinkler spritz or the spotlight of your automatic lighting.


Noisemakers can be pretty

If there is one thing a deer is good at, it’s getting startled. This knowledge can be incorporated into your pest control around MA. When you think of noisemakers, the phrase “obnoxious” may also come to mind. However, there are many elements that fit seamlessly around your lawn that people won’t notice.

  • Flags – Flags not only whip in the wind, but they move and flap and draw the eyes’ attention. They may not seem loud and imposing to us, but to a docile animal that perception can change.
  • WindchimesWindchimes are great for pest control. Besides, they’re also a peaceful and relaxing decoration. Consider hanging a windchime or two along the edge of the woods where the forest meets your yard.


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For more information on pest control services in Massachusetts, contact the experts at AllGreen Lawn Care. For decades we’ve helped homeowners create the ultimate outdoor living area through safe, organic, effective means. Call us today at (718) 762-7080.

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