Why a Professional Lawn Service is Worth the Investment

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To DIY or not to DIY? That is the question. DIY can sound easy and effective at first, but anyone who has done it themselves can likely tell you it is rarely even one of those. That is why when it comes to lawn care in MA it is well worth it to have a professional. Your results will be far better and will demand less time and stress from you. AllGreen Lawncare has you covered when it comes to lawn care. 


DIY Downfalls


  1. Fertilizer is one of the most important elements of making your lawn grow lush and green. And DIY options fall short of what is required. Marginal amounts of fertilizer are supplied when there should be far more. This leads to money going nowhere.

  2. Lime is almost equally important. Eliminating acidity in the soil, lime is especially important in MA, due to tree types that are high in acid. By not applying a lime treatment, you are inhibiting growth.

  3. Crabgrass and Weed Control is often a once a year treatment in the spring when it comes to DIY. By only treating these once without any follow-up. The preventative measures are not able to last.

  4. Insect and Disease Control is the forgotten treatment. A typical 4 step DIY rarely includes either of these. When these controls are lacking, it shows, and grass will struggle to grow the way you envisioned.



Lawn Care in Massachusetts


What AllGreen Lawncare Can Provide 


AllGreen’s lawn programs are thorough and complete, leaving the lawn luscious and your neighbors jealous. AllGreen supplies your lawn with up to 30% more fertilizer that’s adjusted based on your lawn and growing needs. Lime is applied every year. Crabgrass control is applied twice in the spring with additional attention if needed. AllGreen also treats weed control seriously with as many applications as needed year-round with other options if improved control is necessary. Lastly, AllGreen treats disease and insects thoroughly. Our lawn care options in MA make your job easy and effortless.


To find more information about AllGreen’s lawn programs, please contact us. AllGreen looks forward to making your lawn just that – all green. 


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