Rise in Mosquito Populations Call for Mosquito Control MA

mosquito control ma


The weather has certainly cooled off and contrary to popular belief, mosquitos thrive when the weather gets cooler. Unfortunately, mosquito season only ramps up before it levels off again. Therefore, it is increasingly vital that you are intentional about MA mosquito control even in the fall. At AllGreen Lawncare, we offer peace of mind mosquito programs that will keep mosquitos away from you and your family. Here are a few tips for protecting you and your family from mosquitos this Autumn! 


Clothing Can Make All The Difference


If you are going to be spending large amounts of time outdoors it is wise to take into consideration your wardrobe choice. For one, opt for pants that are thicker since mosquitoes can bite through thin fabrics. Additionally, long sleeves or coats can minimize your chances of getting bitten by mosquitos. Wear thick socks and boots as well as consider a baseball cap! By wearing thicker clothing that covers your skin, you are cutting down on the amount of surface area mosquitos have to bite you!


Mosquito Repellant Is Your Friend


We have all heard this at least a million times, but the facts speak for themselves. Wearing mosquito repellant makes a difference. Mosquitos carry a wide variety of nasty diseases and sicknesses that can have devastating lifelong ramifications. Therefore, being diligent about this one simple step can reduce your risk for exposure. If you are planning on being outside, whether it is for yard work, hiking, or walking a pet – make sure you are applying mosquito repellant before you venture outside. 


Eliminate Breeding Grounds


Mosquitos love to find warm, wet areas to reproduce. And although you can do your best to prevent mosquito bites, if they are breeding in or around your home it will be difficult to limit your family’s exposure to the pests. Therefore, be on the lookout for dormant water. This can accumulate in the bottom of plant feeders, birdbaths, or large puddles or gullies. If you find spots like this in or around your home do what you can to eliminate them. 


Mosquito Control MA with Allgreen Lawncare


Although these tips and suggestions help to minimize mosquito exposure they cannot get rid of the problem altogether. However, AllGreen Lawncare can help. We prioritize the safety of you and your family which is why protecting them from the diseases that mosquitos can spread is a priority. Our mosquito control MA programs help to vastly cut down on the number of pests in your yard so you can rest easy this autumn. 


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