Salt Ice Melt VS Liquid Ice Melt

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During winter the risk of slipping on ice is everywhere, including at your own home. With this, there is the use of ice melt to help keep surfaces more safe. However, as many of us know, ice salt is corrosive to many things such as walkways, stairs, and vehicles. Good thing this isn’t your only option! Here at AllGreen Lawn Care we don’t just provide Massachusetts lawn care, but we also a revolutionary new product called Liquid Ice Melt. Liquid Ice Melt is the safer alternative to the salt that we used to know. 


Here are some of the reasons why making the switch could save!


The effects of salt melt

Salt works to melt the ice on your driveway and sidewalks because when the salt dissolves, it has a lower freezing point than water. The saltwater mixture is what actually melts the ice. However, the ice is not the only thing that the salt dissolves. Salt is also known to be quite corrosive. One of the main things that make cracks and potholes isn’t typical wear and tear. These damages are caused by long-term salt use. In addition, rock salt is known to be toxic to plants, pets, and people. This further causes irritation and dryness to areas that come into contact with it and even risk poisoning. 


The power of Liquid Ice Melt

Liquid ice melt is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, water-soluble, and all-natural. You can even spray the formula onto trees and delicate shrubs after diluting it with water. Liquid ice melt has been tested and proven to work on all types of paving materials such as asphalt, cement, wood, and more. You can use liquid ice melt before and after snow hits, and it will still do the same as rock salt while working faster, harder, and safer. 


See the difference?

Overall, the difference between salt melt and liquid ice melt is drastic. Not only does it get the job done faster, but it does it safer. At AllGreen, we have extended our services from just Massachusetts lawn care. We do snow and ice removal too! Make the safe choice, call AllGreen to schedule a liquid ice treatment for as low as $24 per treatment! 


Contact Allgreen today at (617) 327-5555 for more information about our liquid ice melt! 

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