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organic lawn care massachusetts

You want a beautiful green lawn, but you don’t want to spread harsh chemicals everywhere. The smell lingers, and you have to keep your kids and pets off the lawn for a while. So what do you do? Luckily, AllGreen Lawn Care has the solution: organic fertilizer. Organic lawn care in Massachusetts is better for your lawn and your family and results in a naturally beautiful green lawn.

Here are a few reasons why you should switch to organic lawn care.


Get long-lasting results.

One of the many advantages of organic lawn care in Massachusetts is that organic fertilizers last longer. Before choosing a fertilizer, we start with a soil test. The soil test tells us what nutrients are missing from your soil and impeding the growth of your grass and plants. Organic fertilizers balance the nutrients in your soil and feed your plants.

Organic lawn care takes longer than chemical fertilizers, but the results are worth the wait. The nutrients in organic fertilizers rebuild the soil to have the healthiest balance to feed your plants. The nutrients in the soil are slow-released at a natural rate to sustain continual plant growth. Chemical fertilizers deliver bursts of synthetic nutrients that will quickly make your lawn look green, but the results don’t last. By going for organic lawn care in Massachusetts, you will actually have to fertilize less often.

Organic fertilizer is also easier because you don’t have to stay off your lawn while the fertilizer works. You can let your kids run around or let your dog chew on the grass without worrying about them ingesting harmful chemicals.

massachusetts lawn care

Go green by going green.

Organic fertilizers aren’t just better for your lawn in the long run, they’re also better for the environment. No harmful chemicals are released into the ground or fumes into the air. An important element of organic lawn care is compost, which is great for the environment. Spreading about half an inch of compost over your lawn gives it the nutrients it needs while reducing waste. Compost improves your soil structure and is full of microorganisms that improve the health of your soil.


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