The Benefits of Organic Lawn Care in Massachusetts

Massachusetts lawn care

The only thing better than looking at a lush and healthy lawn is knowing that it is free of harsh pesticides and chemicals. With society as a whole moving towards a “greener” way of life, the advantages of organic lawn care in Massachusetts are becoming ever more apparent. The growing interest in utilizing natural products in everyday life is one that AllGreen encourages through our lawn programs.

Slow released balance

Whether home or business owner, the ultimate goal of any lawn is a lush, green result. However, what many people don’t realize is that treatments should be applied at specified rates. By following a strict routine, your timing promotes a thicker, greener lawn that is more resistant to weeds. With the use of organic Massachusetts lawn care treatments, you can save the worry as many products used by professional teams are formulated for slow-release.

It is the more cost-efficient solution

While most people consider the upfront cost of a service, in this instance, you should consider the long term. Organic lawn care solutions are more substantial on the front end, but save homeowners money over the long-term of their investment. With the goal of establishing a secure root system, organic lawns require fewer treatments as time passes.

Organic is a safer family choice

Many traditional treatments include fertilizers and pesticides that are harmful to humans and animals. By choosing the green option, you’re opting for a natural solution – a safer solution. Often, children and pets can immediately use the lawn after an organic treatment. However, you should always check with your lawn care professionals to be certain there is no recommended waiting period.

The green choice means the environmentally aware choice

Traditional fertilizers and pesticides often travel further than your lawn. From self-watering to rainwater, there’s generally a runoff that seeps into groundwater or public water systems. Not only does this pose a risk to the water source, but also to beneficial insects and greenery.

organic lawn care massachusetts

When it comes to lawn care in Boston and many of its surrounding areas, our approach to Massachusetts lawn care is one that emphasizes safety for your family and our environment. For more information on the various programs available, contact our team today at (781) 762-7080.

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