Massachusetts Lawn Care: Watering Dos and Don’ts

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Everyone wants green grass. Let’s face it, we don’t break our backs for a BROWN lawn! How do you get that lush, beautiful green color? Providing you feed your lawn with a good quality organic fertilizer, you also need to water it. But how much? No one knows more about Massachusetts lawn care than All Green Lawn Care, and we want to ensure that your grass stays green, even after we’ve worked our magic. So, just how much do you need to water your lawn? Well, there are a few factors that figure into the equation.

Watering your lawn takes a little bit more than just turning on the sprinklers.


Careful with the water.

First, make sure there aren’t water restrictions in your community. Due to drought, many communities have regulated water usage for lawns. Those restrictions may cover certain hours, days of the week, or frequency. The regulations can vary by town or county, so check what they are where you live before you set your Massachusetts lawn care routine. Consider getting a rain barrel; it not only conserves water so that you can water gardens and landscapes, but collecting rainwater reduces the amount of runoff that may pick up garbage, oil, fertilizers, pesticides, or other pollutants.

Second, water your grass only when necessary. Water conservation isn’t the only reason; overwatering can be just as detrimental as under-watering, as it promotes fungus and disease. Most people do not know they are overwatering. Different types of grass have their own ranges of water requirements. Factors such as temperature, humidity, and wind can dramatically affect how often you need to water your lawn.

Watering your lawn only when it needs it promotes deeper root growth, but keep in mind you have to water it enough to reach the root zone each time you water. For an approximation, if you have a bluegrass lawn, each watering should moisten the soil to 6-8 inches, while for most other grasses, the water should penetrate 8-12 inches. If you don’t know what kind of grass you have, go to a Massachusetts lawn care expert (like AllGreen!).

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It’s all in the timing.

Next, timing is crucial. Always water your lawn in the early morning. Watering between 4 AM and 9 AM provides the most benefit to your lawn, as there is the least amount of evaporation. On a windy, hot day, the amount of water that never makes it to your grass can be pretty substantial. Automated sprinklers make it easier to water your lawn, but shut them off on a day when the water will mostly be wasted.


Give it the personal touch.

Lastly, water problem areas by hand. A south-facing slope, for instance, may need special attention. A “hot spot” (a place that gets no shade) can often be a problem. Water this area by hand, as it requires more water. A nitrogen-rich organic fertilizer can also help revitalize the dry patches of your lawn. If a hot spot gets too big, the best solution may be to reseed the area.


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