3 Things Attracting Insects to Your Yard

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It can be hard handling Massachusetts lawn care. From early spring cleanup to seeding and weeding, lawn care becomes an even more robust chore when you encounter pests making themselves at home in your yard. Pest control in MA is a sure solution,. However, in the meantime, you should be aware of things that make your lawn appealing to all sorts of insects. It’s easier to manage your yard when you get the pest control you need and ward off insects in the meantime. Remember, though, that the most efficient Massachusetts lawn care comes from our team here at Allgreen Lawn Care.

1.) Wood

There’s not too much you can do with what grows in nature, but you can eliminate the excess. From building materials to kindling, it’s best to store wood in a shed or other secure area.  Insects and rodents alike are attracted to wood piles and won’t hesitate to set up shop, destroying your lawn under and around the area.

2.) Food

Let’s face it; we’ve all barbecued at one time and forgotten to clean up the mess. That’s what summer is all about, right? Well, beyond the summer cookouts, outdoor dining and snacking also play a significant factor in attracting pests. Just like us, they need to eat too! Keeping excess food out of the yard and being mindful of the left behind items will assist in keep the insects at bay.

3.) Exposed soil

There’s no doubt that you want to make your lawn look beautiful throughout the year. However, living in New England – which is prone to cold winters, harsh winds, and snow – presents some challenges. When there is exposed soil, insects and other pests, like moles, are ready to dig and root themselves. However, with professional Massachusetts lawn care services, you’ll have those troublesome areas covered in no time.

Although these are just a few things that attract pests to your lawn, taking precautions to avoid them will provide a better lawn. When it becomes difficult for you to manage, and you want to restore your lawn to its glory, call AllGreen Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care for Massachusetts lawn care services that won’t break the bank ((781) 762-7080.

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