Tick Control in Massachusetts Keeps Your Pets Safe

tick control massachusetts


Ever come inside after playing with your pet only to find Fido has picked up a few friends along the way? Just like humans, dogs and cats can get tick-borne illnesses and allergic reactions from tick bites. Keep creepy and crawlies out of your home and off your pet with a tick control program in Massachusetts.


Pet Tick Prevention Habits


Ticks commonly attach to your pet after spending time in long grass, going on hikes, or playing near wooded areas. Tick prevention treatments for your pet can help keep them safe. These medications applied to your pet help by paralyzing the tick if it gets onto the skin or bites. The medicine then will cause the tick to fall off then and die, keeping you and your family safe as well. To know more about how these work, contact your vet for more information.


Where to check your pets for a tick


Even with tick prevention products on your pet, you should still check them after spending time outdoors to guarantee no stragglers managed to stick around. Thoroughly check your pets’ fur in these areas: ears, eyelids, under the collar, tail, front legs, between the back legs, and between the toes. All of these areas are prime hiding spots for ticks of all sizes! Ticks usually take anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours to pick out their feeding spot once they are onto your pet.


How to safely remove a tick from your pet


To safely remove a tick from your pet, all you need is a set of fine-tipped tweezers! Clutch the tweezers and grasp the tick close to the skin. Pull the tick upwards with one steady movement without twisting. Twisting or pulling too fast could potentially cause the tick’s mouth to be left behind on your pet. Clean the area with soap and water to prevent infection. The easiest ways to dispose of the tick are sealing it in tape or flushing it down the toilet.


Protecting Pets From Ticks Massachusetts


How to spot the signs of a tick-borne illness in your pet


Found a tick that has been feeding for a while? Signs that your pet may have a tick-borne illness may not appear for up to a week after it was bitten. Keep an eye out for changes in behavior or appetite, and contact your vet if you have concerns.


How AllGreen Lawncare can help you with Tick Control in Massachusetts


Tick control in Massachusetts is easy with AllGreen Lawncare. We can assist with reducing the habitat for ticks around your home with brush removal. Limit the chances of your pets and family getting bitten with a tick control spray program to keep your yard safe this summer season.

For more information, contact AllGreen Lawncare about affordable and safe tick control in Massachusetts at (781)-762-7080


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