Tick Control MA: How to Keep Your Kids Tick Free

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Most of us are grossed out by ticks, but as a parent, the thought of ticks crawling all over your kids is even more dreadful. It can be difficult enough to keep ticks off of grown adults and children are even tougher to protect. AllGreen Lawncare knows how important it is to keep ticks off your little ones and can help with MA tick control. Here are a few proactive tips for keeping your kids tick-free this summer.


Dress To Prevent


Making sure that your child is dressed conservatively is a huge step in the right direction. Choose pants and long sleeves to minimize places for ticks to come in contact with their skin. Wearing light-colored clothing also helps identify if there is a tick on your child faster. Lastly, make sure kids have their pants tucked into their socks or shoes. By tucking in their pants, it takes away easy access points for the tick to find skin. 


Pet Care


The likelihood is, your child loves your pet and is often on the floor playing with them. Pets, however, can act as a taxi, delivering the tick right to your child. So make sure you are checking your pets often as well as using preventative measures such as anti-tick collars or other topical solutions. 

tick control massachusetts

Tick Checks


It’s good to check your kids for ticks but knowing where to check is the real game-changer. Ticks usually won’t hide in the obvious places, that’s why it’s important to take the time to check thoroughly. Some key places to check are: behind knees, in hair, back of the neck, between toes, and behind ears. Be diligent about checking each time your child comes inside from playing.


How AllGreen Lawncare Can Help


At AllGreen, we know that protecting your children from ticks is a priority which is why we offer affordable and effective tick spraying programs that will aid with tick control in MA. Our goal is to make you and your family safer and more comfortable. Let AllGreen help keep your kids tick-free this summer! 


To find more information about AllGreen’s tick programs, please contact us today.


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