Tick Control MA: Lyme Disease Prevention Starts In Your Backyard

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As the weather warms up and pests come out, tick control programs can keep your family safe from tick-borne illnesses in your own Massachusetts backyard this spring. As New Englander’s begin enjoying warm weather after a cold winter, Lyme disease cases rise from May to September. Get a head start on prevention with spring MA tick control from AllGreen Lawncare.



What is Lyme disease?

Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne illness in the United States, caused by an infected bite from the black-legged or “deer” tick. But, the transmission of Lyme disease takes about 24 hours to spread into the host’s body. Typically, an adult black-legged tick is only the size of a sesame seed! 


Wearing light-colored clothing, making a thorough check, and showering after spending time outdoors can help find ticks before they have a chance to latch onto the skin. With how small these pests are, preventative tick control is an easy way to limit the possibility of a bite occurring at home.


Lyme disease symptoms

Symptoms for Lyme disease can occur up to a month after the initial bite period. Scary thought, right? One of the most recognizable signs of an infected bite is a large red “bullseye” rash that can reach up to a foot in size! Lyme disease can easily be cured with an antibiotic treatment plan over a few weeks if caught early on. If early signs are not treated, late-stage Lyme disease often develops into severe and undesirable long-term effects. 


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How to tick control can help you 

In New England, our outdoor season is short. Luckily, with preventative tick control methods you can get the most out of the season! Tick control limits the presence of ticks around your home, allowing you and your family to enjoy your backyard with peace of mind!

This spring and summer, stay safe with AllGreen Lawncare spray services. For more information about AllGreen Lawncare’s tick control MA programs, please call (781) 762-7080.


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