Tick Control MA: Tips For Staying Tick Free

tick control MA


Doesn’t it feel like every season is exploding with ticks now? Every summer is now the “worst summer yet” for ticks! Tick Control in MA is more imperative than ever. Unlike mosquitoes and flies, ticks are sneaky. It’s more difficult to notice them before they have the chance to bite. To keep ticks away and your yard safe, contact AllGreen Lawncare. We have the tick control in MA solutions that will work for you and your family! Here are tips on staying tick-free all year.


Wearing a chemical insect repellent is an excellent way to protect yourself while outdoors. The two best types of treatments are permethrin or picaridin. If sprays are not available with those, DEET can be used as a backup. But, it’s been shown that it could be less effective at tick control. 


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Light-Colored Clothing (and tuck it in!)

If you’re going to be spending time outdoors, wearing light-colored clothing is a great way to discover ticks before they have time to crawl onto your skin. Tick nymphs can be as small as a poppy seed! The lighter your clothing, the easier it is to spot and identify any ticks that manage their way onto you. To decrease the chance of them getting onto your skin, tuck your pants into your socks if you’re spending a lot of time outdoors.

Avoid Dense Areas

Avoiding ticks is difficult. But, avoiding dense brush and wooded areas where they live is one step. But ticks are starting to show up in the grassy areas around beaches! Don’t let that scare you away because it’s all about prevention. Most tick-borne diseases take several hours before they can be transmitted. As long as you stay vigilant and remove sticks quickly, you will be fine.


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Check Your Pets

To keep your pets safe from ticks, check them after they come inside. Ticks can hide in your pet’s fur and eventually find themselves inside your home. Pets are susceptible to tick-borne illnesses too!


Shower And Inspect

To guarantee you’ve caught every tick or haven’t missed one, shower after spending time outdoors. Put your clothes into the dryer on high heat to kill any ticks that still may be on them.


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Tick Control MA with AllGreen Lawn Care

Tick control in MA is easy with AllGreen Lawncare. We can assist with reducing the habitat for ticks around your home with brush removal and tick control spray programs. Limit the chances of your pets and family getting bitten with a tick control spray program to keep your yard safe this summer season.

For more information, visit our website or contact AllGreen Lawncare about affordable and safe tick control MA at (781) 762-7080.



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