Tick Control Newton MA: Keep Ticks Off Your Pets

tick control newton ma

Ticks are pests that we have to deal with from the spring through the fall. And while they’re a problem for humans, we know how to check ourselves. When it comes to your pets, you have to do that for them. Your dog or cat may be pretty smart, but not smart enough to check itself for ticks. At AllGreen Lawn Care, we know all about the diseases ticks can carry and the importance of keeping them off your pets. That’s why we believe that tick control in Newton, MA, is so important.

In addition to tick control in Newton, MA, here are some ways to keep ticks off your pets.


Natural Repellants

We all have that one neighbor who is obsessed with essential oils, but many of them can serve practical purposes. There are certain smells that ticks avoid, including lavender, peppermint, cinnamon, lemon, orange, and rose geranium. You can make a DIY spray with any of those oils and some water to repel ticks.

Eucalyptus, neem, and tea tree oils are also known to repel ticks and insects. When diluted, these oils are safe to use on dogs. Combining apple cider vinegar, neem oil, and water will also make a natural tick repellent spray.


Medications and Chemical Repellants

There are several spot-on treatments and oral medications that you can get for your pets to repel and kill ticks. You can buy some of them over the counter, or you can ask your vet to prescribe one that is safe for your pet. There are also medicated shampoos that contain ingredients designed to kill ticks on contact. These tend to be inexpensive, but can be labor-intensive, especially if your pet isn’t a fan of having a bath!


Check Pets Regularly and Keep Them Inside

You should check your dog or cat for ticks every day, even on days they haven’t gone outside. Ticks like to crawl around to find the perfect spot before they bite and latch on, so you may find one today that you missed yesterday. If you have particularly energetic pets, they won’t like being kept inside, but sometimes it’s the only thing you can do to prevent them from picking up ticks.

Tick Control in Newton MA by AllGreen

No matter how many repellants you spray or how diligently you check, your pets are going to pick up ticks. To help reduce the risk you need professional tick control in Newton, MA. AllGreen offers effective and safe tick control services to keep you and your furry friends free of pests.


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