Tips for Autumn Lawn Care in Stoughton MA

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Autumn is in full swing and with that comes lots and lots of leaves. Leaves covering the lawn, stuck in bushes, and piled on porches. The task of leaf removal can be daunting, especially when it gets out of hand. At AllGreen Lawncare, our team of professionals can help you care for your lawn. Providing lawn care in Stoughton MA for years, our lawn care programs can be just what you are looking for! Here are some leaf removal tips to make the task a little simpler. 


Strategize Direction Before Starting

Whether you are leaf blowing or raking, having a game plan before you start can make the job more effective and efficient. Once you have cleared a section of your lawn you want to be careful not to cover it again with leaves from a differing section. Instead, we recommend starting at the edge of each section and in a straight line. That way there is less overlap. For example, when you rake, slowly more backyard raking toward you so that you are clearing a designated section as you move. This will create piles at the edge of your yard that can then be disposed of.


Choose the Right Rake

It may sound simple, but having the right tool will always make a difference, no matter the task. The same goes for raking. First, you are going to want to find a lightweight rake. With a lighter rake, there is less to haul making the task less straining. Additionally, use a rake that has a wide end. The wider the end of the rake, the more leaves it will pick up with each stroke. This will reduce the time and energy required to complete the task. 


Use a Tarp for Removal 

If you find yourself with an abundance of leaves or ones that are heavier, a tarp is the way to go. When leaves are left to pile up they can get soggy making them much heavier and more difficult to rake or leaf blow further distances. Start by laying the tarp on the ground near the area you are clearing. Rake or leaf blow the leaves onto the tarp until it is full, then, grabbing two corners of the tarp, drag it away to an area where the leaves can be disposed of. 


Allgreen’s Lawn Care in Stoughton MA

Leaf removal can be tedious, especially without the right guidance. Follow these tips and your leaf clean-up will be more simple. But better yet, let AllGreen Lawncare help. We understand the time and care that a lawn requires. Our team of professionals will make sure each step is completed thoroughly and effectively, leaving you with a beautiful, leafless lawn. So look no further for lawn care in Stoughton MA, choose Allgreen. 


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