Tips for Fall Lawn Care in Wellesley MA

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Autumn is upon us and if the leaves have not begun to fall, they will very soon. Keeping your lawn in top shape in the fall can set your lawn up for success in the spring and following summer! But this level of care can require a lot of time and energy. Very few people have the time for such a continuous project. At AllGreen Lawncare, we understand that, which is why we make it our mission to take care of your lawn for you! Our programs for fall lawn care in Wellesley MA are designed to make your lawn healthy and make your job simple. Here are some recommended services to add to your fall lawn routine. 


Leaf Removal is Key

If you want to keep your lawn luscious and prepare it well for the winter and coming spring, keeping the leaves off is the first step. Leaves covering your lawn may look pretty but they block the sunlight and nutrients from getting to the root system of your lawn which can kill not only the grass but its root system as well. Rake the leaves and deposit them away from your lawn. Even after the trees are done shedding, continue raking spots where leaves build up. The fewer leaves on your lawn the healthier it will become in the spring. 


Prioritize Loosening the Soil

For optimal lawn growth and thickness, it is of utmost importance that you prioritize regular aeration. This aids in the prevention of compacted soil which can stop water, nutrients, and oxygen from being able to nourish the roots and stems of the grass. To properly aerate your lawn, you should puncture holes and churn the soil as a means of prepping for fertilizer. By creating those holes, the fertilizer will be better able to access the roots.


Fantastic Fertilizer 

Once you have aerated your lawn it’s time to add fertilizer. By fertilizing your lawn in the fall you are giving it the extra nutrients it needs to combat the cold of winter. Fertilizer aids in the growth of the root while also protecting from disease and frigid temperatures.


Plant Seeds Toward a Healthier Lawn

Finally, spread seeds. This will aid in filling bare spots as well as helping to prevent drought. Autumn is the ideal time to see because the ground remains warm while the sun is kept at bay by the cooler temperatures. That being said, it is not only okay but encouraged to oversee at this time of year. 


Allgreen’s Lawn Care in Wellesley MA

Being consistent and deliberate about making these lawn care steps a priority can be the difference between a luscious lawn or a dead, patchy one. Let AllGreen Lawncare help. We understand the time and care that a lawn requires. Our team of professionals will make sure each step is completed thoroughly and effectively, leaving you with a beautiful lawn come the spring. So look no further for lawn care in Wellesley MA. 


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