Treating Lawns for Ticks in Autumn

treating lawns for ticks


Once the warmth of summer starts to fade away, the cool breeze of autumn begins to swoosh in. But just because the summer sunshine is gone doesn’t mean that ticks are gone too. Unfortunately, autumn is when ticks are most active and difficult to find. At AllGreen Lawncare, we take treating lawns for ticks seriously, especially in the fall. Our tick control programs for fall are designed to make sure your yard is tick-free so that you can enjoy the weather without worrying about pests. Here are some tips for effective tick prevention this autumn season. 


Leaf Removal is a Must

Ticks traditionally seek out warm places. With leaves covering your lawn, porch, and driveway you are giving ticks unlimited places to hide. That’s why being proactive about leaf removal is a great way to minimize hiding spots for ticks. Make sure to rake and remove leaves before they pile up. Consider picking up fallen sticks or twigs as well. This will keep the ticks from getting cozy enough to make your yard their home and cut down on tick exposure for you and your kids.


Method Behind Mowing

Hiding in tall grass is just one of the many things that ticks love to do. The taller the grass the higher the tick can get to you. Oftentimes, ticks will wait on the grass blades for someone or something to come along for them to munch on. You don’t want that to be you, your pets, or your kids. The answer to this fix is simple. When mowing your grass, make sure to keep the grass cut short. Whether this means adjusting the length of your blade or mowing more often, keeping your grass short can cut down on the number of ticks that will be hiding in it.


Bring on the Trimmers

Trimming your trees, bushes, and shrubs is a great step toward tick prevention. Just like the leaves and long grass, ticks love to hide in and around the branches of plants. Take special note of plants that are near your house or other walkways that are trafficked frequently, make sure to prioritize those plants as those are the ones that people come in contact with more often. 


Play Areas for Your Child

Children love this time of the year, and coming home from school to play outdoors is something that should be encouraged. However, it is wise to make sure that the areas in which your children play are being treated to prevent ticks. Trim low-hanging branches, or tall grass around your child’s play area. If possible, try moving the structure or play area to a central part of your yard away from trees and shrubs. Additionally, once your child is done playing, be sure to check them for ticks before they come inside. 


Treating Lawns for Ticks with Allgreen

Being intentional about taking these tick precautions can make a big difference but the best way to protect from ticks is a professional tick control service. Here at AllGreen Lawncare, we have been treating lawns for ticks for several years. Our team of professionals makes it their goal to prioritize the safety of you and your family by treating your yard effectively so that you can enjoy the outdoors, worry-free.


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