Slice Seeding versus Aeration. Which is Better for Your Lawn Care Routine?

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When it comes to lawn care in Massachusetts, various industry words thrown around- organic compost, aeration, irrigation, fertilization. It can be challenging to keep up with it all when you’re not an industry professional. Without the proper terminology, how is one supposed to know what is what, or when one should use a particular product or technique for the ideal lawn results?

Lucky for you, our team at AllGreen is making your life easy! We offer many services that many are not aware of or would never have thought about investing in – for example, slice seeding. Slice seeding is an excellent technique for seeding your lawn, yet it is also one of the most intense. In this article, we’re providing you an insiders look at this technique and whether or not slice seeding or aeration is right for you.

What is slice seeding?

Put simply; slice seeding is a machine used to slice into the soil. The adjustable steel blades create channels, which the machine then deposits grass seed into. The reason people utilize this method is that seeds are placed directly into the ground instead of on top as you experience with other seeding methods. With direct contact to soil, seeds are more likely to germinate and less likely to wash away or be eaten by animals and birds.

If you’re considering slice seeding, you’re in luck. The best season for slice seeding in New England is the fall because of the reduced weeds, the mild daytime weather, and cool nights. In general, this method is most effective for lawns with patchy growth or burnt areas.


What are the benefits?

As mentioned, the technique places seeds directly into the soil, so you’re increasing the chance of germination. As you know, not every seed you plant will flourish and grow. However, a slice seeder is impressively efficient, often providing the desired results – a fuller, luscious lawn in the spring and summer seasons.

Slice seeding versus aeration

While both methods are effective in their means – deciding which is best for your Massachusetts lawn care is a case by case scenario. While slice seeding increases the chances of grass growth, aeration allows oxygen to reenter a potentially compact surface. With aeration, you’re reviving the soil’s ability to breathe and absorb the nutrients it needs to survive.

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So, if you’re lawn is in good shape and needs minor seeding, aeration may be the way to go. However, if you have larger areas of more compact, patchy grass, you may want to consider slice seeding.

We know this may seem an overwhelming job for the average homeowner, and AllGreen is here to assist you through the process. Since 1999, our team has worked with customers making their Massachusetts lawn care a success. For more information on how our team at AllGreen can help make your lawn flourish, contact us today by calling (617) 327-5555.

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