What to Know About MA Mosquito Control in Autumn

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The scorching hot conditions of summer mellow out in the early fall, and cool fresh air rolls in. While this drop in temperature ushers in colorful foliage and pumpkin picking it also welcomes mosquitos.  AllGreen Lawncare understands the need for MA mosquito control, especially in September. Our lawn programs are a wonderful way to protect you and your family from mosquitos during early fall so that you can hold onto the nice weather. Here are a few facts about mosquito life in early fall to better prepare you to prevent them! 


Thriving in Lower Temperatures

Oftentimes, people think that when the end of summer queues the end of mosquito bites. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Due to their cold-blooded nature, they thrive when the weather cools off. In the summer, the heat of the day prevents mosquitoes from being as active which is why their activity is elevated from dusk to dawn. However, with cooler weather, mosquitos can be just as active during the day. Until the temperature drops consistently below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, when mosquitoes die or hibernate, they are still just as much of a threat. 


Mosquitos Continue to Breed

Although the summer months are peak season for mosquito breeding, these pesky suckers continue to breed through September. There are numerous different species of mosquitoes some of which prefer to breed in cooler weather. Additionally, species that are less reliant on water and rainfall seem to have increased breeding in the autumn months. 


Prepping for the Winter Months 

Similar to other hibernating animals, mosquitos prepare for the long winter months during the fall. While some species prepare by laying eggs, others mate and store up blood. The ones that hibernate find safe places protected by the weather to rest for the winter. Once the temperature is consistently below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, mosquitoes go into hibernation where certain species are rugged enough to survive the winter, while others will die.


Allgreen MA Mosquito Control

The fact of the matter is, once that cold weather rolls in you can count on a break from mosquitos, but until then they are just as on the prowl as ever. Getting ready for the winter, they will be out to bite. At AllGreen Lawncare we can keep them away. Here at AllGreen, we understand that your priority is to keep pests away so that you can enjoy your backyard in peace. That is what we offer – peace of mind. Our MA mosquito control programs will help to keep your yard mosquito-free! 


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