Why Are Mosquitos Taking Over 2020?


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With eight communities raised to high-risk, mosquito control in Wellesley, MA, and surrounding communities is imperative this year. Although previous years have shown an influx of the species, 2020 has been unique (in many ways)! From earlier than normal appearances to unprecedented viruses, the mosquitos of 2020 are not to be reckoned with. But why are they so bad? Well, keep reading to find out our take on the situation.




For starters, we all know that mosquitos thrive in moist, wet environments. For example, yards with puddling are more prone to have a larger mosquito population than a yard free of standing water. So, naturally, rainfall will be a significant factor when it comes to the amount of mosquitos communities see over the season.

On average, Massachusetts receives around 43 inches annually, with July being the driest month. However, we can expect nothing of the ordinary in 2020. In late June, Norwood alone received 5.75 inches during one storm! With these numbers, one can only expect the mosquito population to rise. Because of the unusually high amount of rain we’re receiving, it’s more crucial than ever to remove items from your yard that may harbor standing water. Old tires, buckets, kid toys, garden accessories, and so on are all perfect breeding grounds for mosquitos.




Beyond the excessive rain, New England has also undergone a few brutally hot and humid weeks. Being cold-blooded, mosquitos are unable to regulate their body heat. Thus, warm humid nights when the sun has set is the perfect playground for these pests.

However, it’s not just the summer nights that mosquitos enjoy – but the spring and fall as well. Thriving in temperatures from the high 70s to low 90s, preferring mid to high humidity levels, Mother Nature really has gifted these creatures with an ideal environment in 2020.



Because of the desirable weather conditions and the increase of people enjoying the outdoors, the mosquito population is thriving. Continuing mosquito control in Wellesley, MA, and surrounding communities is imperative with all that this season has prevented.

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