Why Japanese Beetles are the Worst

A primary lawn care concern in MA during this time of year is Japanese beetles. If you have signs that this pest has invaded your landscape, we have some information that will help you decide what to do next!

What are Japanese Beetles?

lawn care MAJapanese beetles are an invasive species from, you guessed it, Japan. They feed on the leaves, flowers, and fruits of over 300 plant species. When they finish with a plant, the leaves often have a lace-like appearance. Sometimes, the leaves are damaged irreparably, and they turn brown and fall off of the plant. Most of the time, the damage is just cosmetic, as most healthy and mature plants can tolerate a lot of feeding without significant injury.

Do Lawn Grubs Turn into Japanese Beetles?

Yes! Not all lawn grubs turn into Japanese beetles, but the insect does begin its life cycle as a grub. It is challenging to tell the difference between Japanese beetle grubs and other white grubs. These critters can cause extensive damage to lawns, as they chew on the roots of grass. A severe infestation leads to dead patches of grass that can be rolled back like a carpet. Additionally, they are considered to be a tasty snack to many animals that will dig holes in your lawn in search of them.

How do I get rid of Japanese Beetles in my Yard?

You can spray plants with an insecticide or neem oil, physically pick them off of your plants by hand, or get rid of them at the source by eliminating the grubs. We recommend against using beetle bags and other traps as they are an attractant and could make the problem worse. A multi-pronged approach is best, as with any invasive species, Japanese beetles are tough to eradicate.

What Kills Japanese Beetle Grubs?

If you have Japanese beetle grubs destroying your lawn, you can kill them by applying either curative or preventative insecticides, depending on the time of year. There are also several preventive maintenance steps you can take. 

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