MA Pest Control: Do You Need Winter Moth Control?

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Winter is right around the corner, and even though many of us don’t want to think about the long months ahead, it’s imperative – especially when it comes to pest control in MA. Although it’s hard to picture any inspect thriving during the winter season, many species are crafty enough to do just that.

One of those species is the moth. Obviously, you won’t see moths flying around outdoors. Instead, you may notice an presence of them inside your home! Moths are one of several creatures that will find ways to infest your home to secure their survival. Luckily, AllGreen has the remedy you may need, moth treatment. As part of our pest control services in Massachusetts, we’re proud to assist homeowners 365 days a year.

If you’re on the fence about pest control services, consider what it can provide your family, your home, and your yard.

Your Health

Like any species, there are various types of moths. And, you guessed it, winter moths are a thing. Leaving their pupae in late fall, the winter moth is a fully-fledged adult insect with the stamina to survive cold winters. However, if they find a way inside, they can quickly invest your home causing health risks to you, your family, and your pets.

Moths are considered dangerous in the fact that they contaminate food. Feces-infested food has been shown to lead to intestinal disease in both humans and animals.

Your Home

Beyond the possibility of infecting exposed foods, moths can also lay eggs in foods like flour, beans, and cereals. These moths are referred to as pantry moths and pose an even more significant health risk to your family. Beyond pantry moths, there are also clothes moths. This type of moth is known for nesting, reproducing, and causing destruction to clothing and furniture.

Although there are measures one can take to protect their home – such as cedar and diligent cleaning and dusting, sometimes the inevitable happens. If this is the case, removing an infestation requires a team of professionals to ensure complete eradication with no chances of return.

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Your yard

Give winter moths a long enough time to settle in, and they’ll eventually nest in trees. Emerging from the ground in November and December, once they’ve made a home in the wood, you can be confident that they will cause plenty of irreversible damage. In Massachusetts, the winter moth targets fruit-producing trees like apple and crabapples as well as peach and blueberry bushes. However, they’ll also make themselves quite comfortable in ash, maple, and oaks.

Winter is a time for holidays, warm blankets, and snuggling by the fireplace. The last thing we on our minds is an insect infestation. However, moths are alive and well during this time, making pest control in MA all the more essential. To learn more about our pest control services, contact our team at AllGreen before your home becomes a insect apartment.

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