5 Benefits of Winter Tree Trimming

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With the winter upon us, it’s easy to think that our property’s lawns don’t need as much attention as they do during the warmer seasons. With a blanket of snow on the ground and an icy cold in the air, improving our lawns is usually the last thing on our minds. However, Massachusetts lawn care is a year-round necessity to ensure a healthy, lush lawn come springtime.

At AllGreen, we offer tree trimming, tree pruning, and brush removal services from November to March.  These services help to facilitate the process of maintaining a healthy, attractive lawn when winter finally dies down. While New England experiences extremely rough winters, Massachusetts lawn care shouldn’t stop. Removing potentially hazardous brush and tree limbs not only makes your property a safer place but it also prepares your lawn for a vibrant future. And, to share the importance of tree trimming with our current and potential customers, we’d like to take this time to discuss five of the main benefits of professional tree trimming.


Improves tree health 

Professional trimming rids trees of dead or dying branches that can lead to tree rot and decay. By removing these branches, you’re also reducing the chance of bringing harm to your family and excessive property damage from falling limbs.


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Improves tree appearance and structure

By improving the health of your trees, you’re also enabling them to strengthen.  Weak or broad branches can not only look unsightly, but they can also cause damage to other plants around them. When branches are allowed to grow wildly, it often deprives surrounding trees and bushes from sunlight.


Increases air circulation and sun exposure

As we mentioned, professional tree trimming makes it easier for trees to obtain the proper amount of oxygen and sunlight for optimal health.  By improving these levels, trees can better withstand the harsh elements of Mother Nature. 


Helps new trees 

Aiding in directional growth, newly planted trees requiring pruning.  By doing so you’re allowing your tree to grow and thrive in a manner that will benefit all elements around the tree.  Pruning also compensates for the root loss new trees often experience.

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Improves aesthetic appeal 

Trimming is also a great way to open up your lawn, give you a better view of your property, and increase the overall look of your lawn and property.


For more information on Massachusetts lawn care contact us today and be sure you’re ready for the upcoming Spring season!

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