Be on the Lookout for Leaf Spot Disease!

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It is now the time of year when homeowners engaging in lawn care may start to notice brown spots appearing on the leaves of some of their trees and plants. What causes these spots? It might be leaf spot disease, a widespread plant fungal infection. It’s so common that it is rare for a homeowner […]

Springtime Tree Fertilization

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The groundhog is predicting Spring to be right around the corner in New England! That means it is time to start thinking about and making outdoor preparations. Roots continue to grow during the winter so attending to your landscape before growth begins can create a season of healthy growth and bountiful blooms. Late March is […]

The Importance of Tree Fertilization

The Importance of Tree Fertilization

People, pets, and plants also need different amounts of nutrition to survive and thrive. Even if you choose a tree that’s native to the area, you may need to give it a little extra nutrient boost for it to grow properly. The amount of fertilizer and its composition depends on the age of your tree […]