Winterize Your Lawn with Organic Lawn Care in Massachusetts

Organic lawn care in Massachusetts from AllGreenWhen it comes to organic lawn care in Massachusetts, AllGreen has been at the forefront of this somewhat recent trend since our inception, so we have evolved into an extremely well-rounded lawn care company that can professionally take care of your lawn year-round better than anyone else. Even now, in the midst of winter, effective lawn care programs are essential to keeping your lawn looking its best and growing its healthiest.

Parts of your landscape that are especially susceptible to the harsh winter elements are your ornamental trees and shrubs. With AllGreen at your side, however, you can rest easy knowing that your lawn’s trees and shrubs are in the hands of experienced professionals. As part of our organic lawn care in Massachusetts, we offer deep root fertilization that makes trees and shrubs stand up to the damaging effects of winter much better.

Keeping Trees and Shrubs Strong

And, while our fertilization techniques will make your trees and shrubs much stronger, we also offer pruning services that will better prepare your landscape for the rough winter months ahead. By trimming and pruning trees and shrubs in a way that rids them of weak branches while also focusing on their aesthetic quality, you’ll see that our organic lawn care in Massachusetts works to give you a lawn that will surely “pop” come Spring time.

We also utilize a “wilt-proofing” protection spray on your lawn’s trees and shrubs that makes them less susceptible to damaging moisture loss, or “winter burn.” During the cold winter months, trees and shrubs without deep root fertilization or leaves without a protective coating can experience tremendous drying out. This leads to unsightly trees and shrubs that conflict with the overall aesthetic appeal of your lawn. So let AllGreen provide your lawn with professional care today and prepare yourself for a landscape that’s truly worth bragging about!

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